Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I" tag

my baby sister, Brandy tagged me. So here it goes:

I am: way behind on laundry
I know: that a bad day at my job is really, in fact, a good day. I enjoy my job that much
I want: a bit more job security for our family
I have: a strong love for food
I dislike: religious fanatics. Religous=good. Fanatic=bad. Expecially those who judge and are "holier-than-thou"
I miss: my family and friends
I smell: a dirty diaper (it's changed and gone but it's still lingering bleck)
I cry: when i get angry or frustrated
I search: for Riannes lost shoes way too often
I wonder: why people can't accept each other for what they are... individuals
I regret: not doing more
I love: the rare times when all 3 kids are playing nicely together.
I care: way too much of what people think of me
I worry: about Daylon's grades
I remember: that things happen for a reason
I believe: that times are tough but we'll be ok
I dance: like Elaine on Seinfield
I don't: like mashed potatoes
I argue: with the kids to clean up after themselves
I write: important stuff in my scrapbooks, but not nearly enough
I win: because i'm the mom
I lose: when i argue with a 2 year old
I wish: I could work more often
I listen: to just about any kind of music
I am scared: of the kids getting the nasty stomach bug going around and ruining this weekend
I need: to lighten up a bit
I forget: to give my kids their vitamins every day
I am happy: watching my kids grow

MAN! was that hard. So... on to the tag part of it. If you are reading this... YOU are tagged! Link back so i know! I wanna read!


Kim said...

here you go Jo--

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