Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December List

Just a simple list of things i want to do and enjoy this Christmas Holiday. BOLD means it's done

1. Watch all our Christmas DVD's

2. Make a gingerbread house

3. Make a garland of popcorn and cranberries

4. A new ornament for each child every year
*this is one i do every year for the kids. Someday they'll have their own little stash of ornaments when they get married and have their own trees

5. Hang mom's crocheted snowflakes downstairs.
*We used to do this every year in the old house but since being in the new house, it's been a bit harder.

6. Make our favorite Christmas cookies

7. Read the Christmas Story with the kids

8. Enjoy hot chocolate with the kids

9. New jammies.
*Even with our Christmas being super small this year, DarRell told me this was one tradition i could not drop.
(they are bought... now just waiting for Christmas Eve!)

10. Eat a pomegranate

11. Watch the light parade

12. Visit Santa

13. Christmas cards
Either homemade or picture cards. Sadly enough, i'm not sure i'm going to get to this one. I always wait till the last minute. Next year... FOR SURE!

14. Try a new christmas recipe
i've got a great cinnamon roll recipe in mind

15. Make paper snowflakes with the kids


Kim said...

FUN stuff!!! you will cross more off than u think I bet! :) I am off to make my list now!!

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