Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and he was such a GREAT Santa!

This last weekend we went to Tooele to visit my family. It was the weekend of the Mauch Family Christmas Party (mom's side of the family). It also marked the birthday celebrations for my Dad (on the 15th) and Rianne (on the 11th). Unfortunately not much birthday celebrating happened. It was just too big of a weekend to shove it into one full and 2 partial days (late Friday, all day Saturday, and part Sunday). Rianne did get some pressies from Grandma and Grandpa Mac. There was a homemade cake but no candles, no singing and not even a bite of the cake till we got home. All in all..... the birthday bit was a bust (but Rianne thinks the opposite. She loves that she gets to celebrate her birthday with Grandpa Mac and in Tooele. Daylon doesn't get to do that. And truthfully, I'm so glad she gets to have that experience for herself)

Saturday was a big day. It was the first Christmas party since Grandma Mauch passed away. Spirits were up and not much mourning at all.

Highlight? that's easy. Santa Claus!
And he was such a PERFECT Santa!

Sam keeps talking about HoHo and his "hi" (translation: phone)
Rianne was absolutely cute (and bashful)
And Daylon... he loved every bit of it!

More from our trip:


JOHNSON'S said...

great pictures.... it made me cry wish i could have been there!! the girls miss you guys like crazy and Hailey talks about coming to visit for her Birthday.... hope you have a good Christmas, widh we could see ya! lyl B

Kim said...

the blog song is perfect for the slideshow! LOOKS LIKE A BLAST

Kim said...

the blog song is perfect for the slideshow! LOOKS LIKE A BLAST

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