Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Daily - Day 2 & 3

I know i'm a day late on my December Daily post, but yesterday i worked and it didn't leave much time for me to finish up what i had started on day 2. So bright and early i finished up Day 2 and threw together day 3.

Here they are:

Day 2:
front of day 2:
i used the back of day 1 to extend my day 2 page. I took a few pictures that summed up the day and made them small. The swirlies are foil rubons... LOVE them. the transparency covers the main picture for day 2.

back of day 2:
I kept it super simple and let the picture do the talking. It's a typical scene with DarRell with Sam (and with either Rianne looking on or joining in)

Day 3:
front of day 3:
I love when the kids calm down enough to watch a movie together. It doesn't happen often when all three are there together but when they are, they usually sit like this. It just melts my heart every time. I left it as was and put a little bit of journaling around the picture. More journaling on the transparency for the next page.

back of day 3:
left it simple. Everything was said on the journaling box on the front of the transparency. I just needed to cover up the adhesive on the back side so i covered it with patterned paper and some embellishments i have sitting around.

Day 4 to come tomarrow.


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