Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fires on the homefront

It's not what you think... really.

It's a actual fire right across the street from us in the middle of the night.

It's a pretty scary thing when your husband gets called out in the middle of the night for a house fire.

Even scarier when the address they are called to, at first thought, is your address.

A bit more relieving when you find out its the house across the street and not your own.

Turns out all is OK.

Nobody is hurt.

A bit of house damage but i don't think a complete loss.

But scary nonetheless.

We are all exhausted with only a few hours of sleep last night. I can see it's going to be a lazy day for us all. Fortunately the two who really needed the sleep (Daylon and Rianne) slept through it all.

...and sorry about the pictures. It was 12:30-2:00am in the morning, pitch dark except for the police, ambulance and 3 firetruck lights. My camera isn't the best and i had a super hyper 2 year old wanting to be held. These are the best of maybe a dozen pictures i took and even these suck and are blurry.

It's kinda disappointing there wasn't more excitement but so glad that all is OK.


Kim said...

I can't wait for you to scrap that last one!!

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