Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yup, time to vote.
Have you voted yet?

Shhhh....... Truth be told, I haven't voted yet.
I have a great excuse.
Really... I do...

I want to take Daylon with me. He's got a new best friend who's REALLY into this presidential race and has put a little spark of interest into Daylon. This has started the flood of questions. Questions that, frankly, i don't even know how to answer. That really kinda stokes me up even more about it. So, when he gets home from school, I'm thinking I'll take him along with me so he can see our part of the process. I'm sure we'll be sitting around the TV quite a bit tonight watching the stats come in.

Thanks to my little man Day (and Kyle in a round-about way) to get me excited to go vote.
Who would've known?


Heather said...

You think you have it bad, remember I am the mom of the kid obsessed with it. When was the last time you stopped to consider your feelings on Roe Vs. Wade....never, yeah not me either until it became the question of the minute at our house...

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