Thursday, November 6, 2008

School Days

The kids brought home their school pictures the other day.
I thought they turned out pretty good considering that they are school pictures

Just a few thoughts as i was looking at them though.
*It must have been a rough week for all three kids. They all have some type of scratch (Sam), puncture wound (Daylon) or scab (Rianne) on their face.
*It's amazing how much these three look so much alike, but then look completely different.
*I'm in complete awe about their eyes. Always their eyes.
-Daylon has amazing green eyes (too bad his glasses take away from them). My heart melts for green eyes. I first fell in love with DarRell because of his green eyes. Daylon has those eyes. Nuff said!
-Rianne has the most beautiful blue eyes. Sparkly and ice blue. Thanks to my mom for that great contribution cause i'm not even close to having that trait.
-And Sam, just look at him. His eyes scream happy. And although he's got my yucky color of hazel, it's hard to see them through those happy squinty eyes... I love it.

This picture of Daylon cracks me up. Obviously he's in that awkward stage in life. The one that everyone has to go through, the one I've kinda been anxious to get through quickly. The stage where you have big front bugs bunny teeth. *sigh* it looks like he's hit it. The poor kid has had growth spurts every couple of months so he's either in clothes too big or clothes too small. This day it appears that it was clothes to big. I guess the glasses were a problem this time around (when aren't they though) and he ended up just having them smashed to his face. I'm so glad that news ones are waiting for us to go pick them up.

We spent 30 minutes working on Rianne's hair that morning. We finally compromised enough to both be happy enough with her hair to let her go to school. I was tickled pink to see that she had made it through pictures with her hair almost completely in tact! She was mad that i didn't let her change her earrings, thankfully she forgot about that part of it. She a rough and tumble little girl though, and did not come home from school looking like the little girl in the pictures. Cudos for those teachers keeping the kids looking their best before pictures are taken.

I'm amazed at this picture of Sam. He suddenly had stage fright from the moment we walked into the school and he saw all the people. He was so excited to go to Rianne's school that he was running ahead of me. Next thing i know he's trying to claw his way into my chest to get away from it all. It took a good 15 minutes or more to get him comfortable enough to just look in the general direction of the camera. What you can't see is me. He's sitting on my lap and I am litterally pushing him out away from me. Somehow we caught this huge smile when the camera man knocked himself over with his chicken prop. Yay for chicken man!!! You rule the babies!


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