Thursday, November 6, 2008

a years difference

I was talking with one of my online buddies today about how i could almost see my kids growing up right in the pictures themselves. I'm amazed at how much a years difference makes. It's so much more painfully obvious with Daylon.

Take a look at the following picture side by sides. The first picture is of this year. The pictures next to them are from last year at this time.

Daylon. Double digits now at 10 years old.
It's only been a year, but look at him. In that year he's grown SO much. Not that he was ever anything but skinny but he's thinning out even more.... expecially in his face. He's lost all that baby-ness (can i call it that? It doesn't seem like the right word, expecially for him) he had last year. It's almost looking at a older brother or something. Only problem is that he doesn't have a older brother. I'm missing that little boy from last year.

Rianne. Almost 7!
It's crazy! Look at her! I'm sure the dramatic hair cut we had at the end of the school year last year contributes to her looking so much more grown up. But she's got that more mature look to her now. She's got so much more confidence in herself and it shows so much more now than it did last year. It looks like she's eating so much better now too... can you see it? My food bill shows it!

Sam. 2 1/2 years old.
Yup, i see it. It's amazing to look at the pictures side by side and see the change. Of course, i would expect a huge change with him being a baby. I notice the small things with him. His hair is getting a bit darker. His teeth are coming in more. I love his ears... they stayed the same! He's taking on more of the appearance of his dad now, mostly in the eyes. I'm just not sure i'm ready for my baby to grow up.


Kim said...

WOW JO!!!! what a difference!! can't believe I've watched them all grow! I love reading your blog!!

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