Thursday, February 8, 2007

Alexander and the Terrible,Horrible,No Good,Very Bad Day

Ok - really it should read: Jo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Cause, seriously, it is.

It started yesterday actually. It was Wednesday... MY Wednesday. My get out of the house Wednesday. My get to go to a job that i LOVE if only for 3 hours Wednesday. And that is exactly what i did. I got to go to work. To a job that i absolutely love. And i got out of the house without a argument (EAK - long story there... and I'll only tell it if you REALLY want to know, otherwise I'm not going there). It was a good day at work, and i honestly wish the the auction was longer cause it was good to finally get out of the house without kids in tow! Three hours later i came home and traded with my DH (dear husband at this time... ever heard of foreshadowing?) and he goes back to work.

And can i just say how thankful i am that we are able to do this just so i can get out of the house and go to work on Wednesdays... if only for a few hours?

The day goes on, and on, and on. I start dinner at 5:00 making chicken and cheesy broccoli rice-a-roni per request from DH. 6:00 comes and goes and no sign of DH so i feed the kids cause they are "starving!" and surprisingly they scarfed up dinner with not much complaint WOW!!! That doesn't happen often! 6:30 comes and begins to go by and then DH comes through the door - FINALLY! He cleans up a bit and sits down to scarf down his dinner while i feed Sam.

Next thing i know, he says "got to go... fire meeting". Oh ya! Wednesdays are also Fire Meeting nights... and poker night.......UGHHHH!!!!!

So as he's getting ready to run out the door, i ask him: "are you staying for poker?"
he says: "Yes"
I say: "You got to be kidding me!"
he says: "Well..."
I say: "you just got home! You haven't even been home for a half hour and you are leaving again! AND you played poker Saterday! (still a VERY fresh wound on my part since he didn't get home till nearly 2am! - that's 7 hours of poker!!!!!! Not to mention that i had a sick little girl and a little baby boy who wouldn't sleep longer than 2 hours at a time)
he just sat there and looked at me.
Finially i said: " i don't care....... whatever!" (and we all know what that means right?)

So he leaves. I'm sitting here hoping that he'll at least feel guilty enough to come home and tuck the kids in. NOT! 8:30pm rolls around and i finally go tuck in the kids as they are crying cause dad isn't here to help..... YES! i am fuming at this point! I finially get tired and decide to call it a night at a little after 10pm and still no sign of DH (at this point the "dear" has changed into something a little bit more negative!). I've been here before so i know NOT to wait up for him. I actually considered shutting off ALL the lights and locking the doors on him just out of spite. I think better of it and just go to bed. I remember him coming in but i really don't remember when. I remember hearing Sam crying last night but i thought i'd get revenge on DH and make him get up with Sam... and i did. And just for spite, i decided that i'm still so angry with DH that i'd sleep in and make him get the kids up and ready for school on his own too... and i did! And it almost made me feel better. Just before he gets ready to leave for work/take Daylon to school, he brings in Sam.
I asked him when he got home...
he says "11 something"
I said "how was Sam last night?"
he said "he woke up at 12, drank 4 oz of milk, went down great. Up again at 5, drank another 4 oz of milk and then wouldn't go down! (YAYAYAY i'm thinking! serves you right! But too bad he didn't have one of those nights when he's up every 2 hours... ok - that's mean!) He finially went down at 5:30 (mind you, his alarm goes off at 6:00)". I have to hand it to him though... he got the kids ready and fed (minus Sam and Rianne's hair).

As he's walking out the door, i asked him if i'd see him tonight considering that he's been working till 6:30 every night. He told me "i don't know... dad's driving and we are working out of town today (thanks for the warning dear! - GRRRR). And just to be a horse's ass, i asked him if he was going to poker tonight. He said...... "well..... not tonight". NOT TONIGHT???? So what does that mean???? Tomarrow night? I've had it with being a single mom!!!!!! I REALLY need some alone time to do some scrapping..... I just might be Wicked Witch of the West and want to smash someone under a house (ok - not really... maybe).

Today is not looking to be too promicing as it is. Somebody please make it better!


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