Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Decisions Decisions

This thursday i'm going to have to make a HUGE decision. Ok - it isn't life threatening or anything but it's pretty huge in the TV scheme of things. I'm going to have to choose between Ugly Betty and Survivor: Fiji


that's a pretty tough decision. I'm sure it'll be Survivor: Fiji that wins and i'll just watch Ugly Betty on Friday on the net... but... *SIGH* i hate to make decisions like that! And then, of course, there is Grey's Anatomy - DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!!

On another TV note, Tuesdays are just the best tv days for me!!!!!
7:00: NCIS or American Idol (another decision i'd rather not make!)
8:00: House
9:00: Boston Legal
I'm going to be in heaven tonight! And can i just say... Boston Legal just RULES! I just started watching it this year because i thought it looked stupid. I'm not a big fan of Candace Bergen, William Shatner, or James Spader. But this show... I LOVE them all! The whole cast is amazing! Everyone is just so quirky and weird and it all just works so well together. One of my "must-not miss" shows (along with Grey's Anatomy of course!)


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