Saturday, February 3, 2007

SOS journaling prompts!

The School of Scrap has got all these GREAT classes! One of them is called history where they have journaling prompts every day. GREAT IDEA! i'm not much for journaling in my everyday life or in my scrapbooking but i do know that it is important. SO... i thought i'd try to at least start on it... if i keep it up, YAY for me. If i don't... i need someone to kick me in the pants! LOL

Ok - the real reason for this journaling post. Lisa posted a blogger challenge. "For those that blog... and those that don't, go start one today! Challenges will be coming to help you with inspiration to blog! First challenge........... Go to History Class and pick ONE journaling prompt from last week and blog about it. " So here i am... i'm always up for challenges. Most times my life gets in the way of my life and i'm not able to finish up my challenges but I do start them in the best of intentions.

Here are the prompts for the last few days:
February 1: When was the last time you cried and why? Was it a happy cry, a sad cry or more of a mad and angry cry???
February 2: Do you prefer to take the stairs, escalator or elevator- Why??

I'm going to try to do keep track of the prompts here, it's just the perfect place to do it right? Ok - so here i go:

February 1: When was the last time your cried and why? Was it a happy cry, a sad cry or more of a mad and angry cry??? The last time i cried... hmmm... Right off the top of my head... a few days ago... maybe it was yesterday, i was online and was watching something about American Idol. A 65 gentleman came on who's wife was battling cancer. He ran a petition to be able to get on AI and sing, mind you that the cut off age is 28. He found out he got the audition days before she died, and his audition was days after she died. They let him come on and sing. He sang "you belong to me" (which i absolutely LOVE - it's the one playing right now... only this one is sung by Lifehouse) and did a totally stellar job of it. Totally a sobbing moment for me... I'm just so emotional about things like this!

I'm just a emotional person... anything can make me cry. I'm a angry crier too. When i get angry or mad, i just cry. I don't confront anyone well cause it usually means that I'm going to bawl like a baby and that just throws out LOTS of mixed messages and it's usually the wrong one i want to get out.

February 2: Do you prefer to take the stairs, escalator or elevator- Why?? I actually prefer to take the escalator. Why? Cause it's just too much dang fun! I'd ride them all day long if i could! There's just something about being able to go somewhere and have your mind be able to be somewhere else at the same time. I get that little jitter in the pit of my stomach every time i get on one to ride, scared to death it's going to eat up my foot or that I'll trip on it or something like that, but i LOVE that little adrenaline rush. If there's not a escaltor to ride, i'd go for the elevator... for that same little adrenaline rush. It's not quite as good though cause i have a small fear of being stuck in one of those with a bunch of sick people (ya - i've had to ride on full ones full of sickie people at a hospital when i was pregnant... just not a fun experience!), or just being stuck in one. I know i should take stairs and i'll definately take the stairs over a elevator if the stairs are opened up like in a mall or something like that. But stairs in general are just kinda creepy. They remind me of movie clips where the bad guys are lurking to jump out at you at the next turn, or they are shooting down at you while you are running up them. But then again, sometimes that's the place where the hot sultry love scenes happen too (ohhhh...... they do in the elevators too - hmmmm....... might have to rethink that one)! OHHHHH......... that so reminds me of one on Gray's Anatomy!!!!! I'd have to have a hot hunky one on my side for me to take a staircase like that though!

did i mention that he reminds me of my oh so hot hubby???? mmmmmmmmm........ yummy!

He's been told he looks like this guy too, you know Dylan McDermott! I don't quite see it, but !WOW! if everyone else does!:


Lisa said...

wow, love the music... such a calm feeling as I read your journaling. I was all into reading it when BAM I saw a pic of my man, McDreamy. ahhhhh!

I cried watching that man sing too! I was very touched when Simon was the first one to stand to shake his hand.

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