Monday, February 5, 2007

more history prompts...

February 3: It is Saturday and although I am at work we are reminiscing a lot this morning-- so tell me what you remember most about Saturday morning as a child. you know... i don't really remember much about Saturdays growing up. I do remember watching cartoons on Saturday but i also remember my dad not letting us watch them. But, i do remember him watching wrestling and us watching along with him (back in the days of Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog and the Sheik OHHHH - i soooo remember the fight between the Sheik and Hulk Hogan where a body part was bitten off Hulk by the Sheik..... so disturbing.... mostly because my sister sat there and cried the whole time!). I also remember watching something like "world wide sports" or something like that and something about animals.....with the GrisslyAdams look alike... geez, i wish i could remember the names to these shows. It's going to drive me INSANE if i don't figure them out. If anyone knows the ones I'm talking about, let me know!

Otherwise, I'll be searching the net over
trying to figure it out... and I'll post it when i have it figured out!


ok figured it out!!!
the sports show: Wide World Of Sports with Jim McKay
"Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition… this is ABC's Wide World of Sports!"

ahhhhh - those were the days!

the animal show: Marty Stouffer's Wild America - Gosh i just LOVED that show! I'm still a animal documentary freak! I really miss that show. I remember just loving Marty Stouffer. He had such a distinct voice and i thought he was just SO handsome! I remember being glued to the TV everytime that show came on.

February 4: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY-- I love football but I know most of you probably don't. Either way I want to talk about football today. I will leave this a little open you can either journal about your being a football widow- what you did for the big game-- or how much you just love football in general -- like me who watches it more that dh( hes not a sports nut). OHHHHH football! I've got some great memories of football growing up! My dad and us (my sisters and my brother) use to place bets with my dad on who would win in that particular game. It seemed like it was every weekend we would do this. Who ever won would have to buy the other a ice cream sundae from Artic Circle (they had awesome football helmet cups during football season). We always wanted to be the one placing the bet that weekend because it didn't matter if we lost or we won, we'd always get a sundae too! I remember not knowing a single thing about football though. Not until recently, did i understand even the slightest thing about football. Nowadays, i love to watch the super bowl but mostly for the commercials. Although... last night game was AWESOME! Lots of action all the way around! And i LOVE that they played right through all the soaking rain! I'm kinda bummed that the Bears didn't win... i was really rooting for the underdog, and i remember the last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl... I'm sure it was one of those ice cream sundae bets!


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