Sunday, February 25, 2007

a day wasted

I've spent the day, the WHOLE day messing around with my MP3 player. I'm just so irritated with it. I don't have a clue how to upload stuff on it except for the click and drag option that requires many many screens. I don't know what synchronize means either. I got my windows media player trying to get all the music between both computers put somewhere in the same place...but then somehow i lost it all! Not completely erased off my computers just NOT on my media player anymore....... it's just all so messed up!

And while all this is happening, i have 2... yes 2 of the 3 children, sick... again! I'm guessing it is that nasty stomach bug that Rianne sported for a week last week. Daylon has been complaining of a belly-ache all day long, feeling a bit naucious, and a turning stomach when he smells any food that isn't crackers and soda. Sam hasn't been himself for a few days and today he lost his lunch about 3 minutes after it went down. *SIGH* i really can't handle another week (or more) of sick kids. I think I've hit my stopping point. I've spent the last 2 months nursing 3 little kids back to health just to have them turn around a few days later with something new... and it's not just me and my kids.......... it's going around ALL over town! It's the flu, it's the stomach bug, it's strep throat, it's at least 3 different viral bugs on top of the ones I've mentioned... it just doesn't quit! WILL IT EVER STOP???

Ok - back to the MP3 player... I decided that i need some new songs on there. I need some really good suggestions. I'm not biased... i listen to pretty much anything. Throw some tune-age my way. My library is VERY outdated. The music is good but i need some "fresh blood" on there. Help me out!

and just for a laugh, watch this:

the funniest thing, besides the plain fact that it's Weird Al Yankavich, is that if you pay attention to it, you'll see Donny Osmond in the background dancing! It's hilarious! (and i really love the original song too).


Lisa said...

You know I read ya everyday! LOL

Sorry the kids are sick again, and trust me.. if it weren't for Jordan I'd not have anything on my mp3 player either! lol

cre8ted4praiz said...

Love him.... White and Nerdy is one of my fav's right now.

Linda F. said...

So sorry you've been having such a rough time with the kiddos! And the MP3 player! I have a shuffle which was supposed to make me want to go to the gym. Well, that didn't work, but I still love it! Do you have Crank It Up on yours (Gwenn Stefani)? I love that one!

And White and Nerdy is a total hoot! When DD lived at home, the radio in the bathroom would be tuned to the local hip-hop station. I used to come out of the bathroom singing the real song!

Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE that Weird Al song and video...have it on my own MP3!

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