Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

OK - so i know I'm a day (or two) late, but, as they say, better late than never right? I hope that all of you had a great lovin' day. Mine... well, it was less than that but not such a total disaster. Although its amazing how just a little kink in plans, even though they've been set for a MONTH, can just turn the mood... UGHH....... more of that to come later.

But i gotta share! This is what i made for Daylon and Rianne, their closest two friends and then three of their (geographically, because, although they have dozens on top of dozens of cousins, most of them live hours away) closest cousins.

I honestly wish i could take the credit for the idea but, honestly, my inspiration came from Two Peas In A Bucket. I have a love/hate relationship with that place, but truth be told, i get GREAT inspiration from there.

Anyways, the frappichino bottles full of goodies were a hit! Daylon, more than anyone, oogled and oggled over them (he's my sensitive, crafty kid) and immediately came and thanked me and gave me hugs when he found out they were from me... while i was in the shower! LOL I know that i can always give Daylon something hand-made and he'd appreciate it. Rianne is the same way, but only if you can use it later to haul, hold, or horde something in it!

DarRell, bless his heart, has finially gotten into the swing of things, and got me something for valenitines day (and *SHOCK* has for the last few years!). I really don't know what happened to him but i'm really liking the {new} him. This is what he got me:
can i just say HE ROCKS?! He got me some rooster canisters for my kitchen! and in barn red! And... he filled them with goodies! He really knows how to make my heart patter! Give me something practical but throw in the sugar! He's really a sweetheart isn't he!
ok... on to the rest of the night. Can i just say that i don't really trust most people with my baby Sam (LONG LONG LONG story behind that but lets just say i'm so glad i can stay home with my babies) and the few i do trust just drive me crazy when it comes to babysitting them. We've had DH's parents lined up for a month now to watch the kids while we went to the Fireman's Valentines dinner they have EVERY year. I fed the two older kids, had them in their jammies, and threw in a movie for them. I fed Sam, got him cleaned up, bathed, and put in his jammies and then tanked him up on milk and had a half of a bottle left over for them to give him if he needed more. Even had Sam's binkies all over the house where they could find them and had one even attached to him. I was NOT going to be accused of not having what they needed while they were gone. DarRell took the kids out kicking Valentines just before dinner and he came back and said "guess who's not home" (30 minutes before we had to leave) and i knew then that it was going to be one of those nights. 15 minuts to 7:00 and still no grandparents. DH calls them on their cell... no answer. 5 minutes to 7:00. They call us... they are on their way home. From where you ask? i have NO idea! I could have been from anywhere. 7:00 rolls around and still no sign of them... DH goes to the front porch and paces (mind you, his parents live NEXT door). 7:05 they finially show up. I tell them the kids are fed and fine... just watch them. I get the run around about Sam only needing what was left in his bottle because "how do you know that's all he will need?" UGHH! We walk out the door at 7:15pm, me cursing under my breath, and DarRell rolling his eyes. Good thing the Firehouse is only a block away.

Fireman's Dinner was great! Steak and King Crab Legs! Dutch oven potatoes, salad, and rolls. YUM! i skipped out on the steak and stuck with the crab legs, some salad, and a roll. Got miserably full off of crab (I don't think i could look at another crab leg for a while). Tried to fit in some desert, dutch oven peach cobbler and ice cream, but was only able to take a few bites. Chated a bit with everyone and then we figured we'd better go rescue the kids. We get home (just over a hour later) and the kids are watching their movie downstairs with grandma asleep on the couch. Grandpa upstairs chasing down Sam, who, is not even in the least amount sleepy! LOL. The Grandparents leave in a bit of a rush and DarRell and I take in a deep breath. We both agree that, although it's nice to go out, it's too much of a headache to deal with the "babysitters".

But... we did get a great picture of our night together:

and one of some of us just being goofy!


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