Tuesday, February 13, 2007


WHOOOHOOOOO!!! I made it!!! I made the design team for School of Scrap! I am just beside myself! I feel like i actually did this on my own. No hanging on to someone else's shirt-tails and I didn't have someone "get" me on. I did this by myself. It totally makes me think that I'm good. Not in the "ya, you're good, but not worthy of anything" good or the "you are good. You are actually putting your pictures in books with creativity" good. I'm good!!! DT worthy good! WHOOO HOOOO!!!
I'm really bummed that some of the others that i think are terrific didn't make it on... but everyone was great! There was some SERIOUS competition there. I honestly didn't think i was going to make it... i didn't think i had what it takes to make it. But, then again, that is why SOS is SO great! They have ALL levels of scrappers on the DT and i LOVE that. SOS is the best that way... inspiration for everyone there!

And i gotta congratulate the others who made it:
Kimber (kimber)
Elisa (Elisa K)
Anna (zokyberyan)

I'm so excited to get into the swing of things... bring it on ladies!!!!!!! and please come visit! SOS RULES!


Lisa said...


Your work is beyond GREAT!!!!! You did this totally based on the level of your art.

Welcome to the Team!

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