Saturday, February 10, 2007


you know what? I've always been called a tomboy since i was a child. I've even had people mistake me as a boy growing up... ALL the time. I had the short hair. I was a skinny lanky girl. I was even a VERY late bloomer. I got used to it. And then i grew up.

So tell me this... why does it surprise me so much to see that my celebrity look-alike is a man? It didn't matter how many times i ran it, i always came up with the same guy as my number one celebrity look-alike. I do have to admit though...... he is hot! I was almost expecting to see Kelly Preston pop up there somewhere in the line-up only because once upon a time a dear, close to my heart friend told me that i looked like her... but NOPE! not there.

I guess it could be worse right? And really, its not all that bad. I think i can see the resemblance there. And, you know, there were a lot of really hottie girls in there! And... it was fun!


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