Wednesday, August 22, 2007

AWWWW...... he's sooo cute!

Yup, Daylon is the proud owner of a new dog! He's a Lhasa Apso/Jack Russell Terrier mix and he's just under a year old (he shares the same birthday as Rianne!). The previous owner's called him Scooter so that is what he goes by here, although he looks like a Max to me.

Daylon went to work with DarRell last Friday over to Wayne County. While he was there the contractor told Daylon that he could use all the scrap wood around to build whatever he wanted to. Daylon went to work building a dog house. The contractor asked him what he was building and when Daylon answered a dog house, the contractor went and got his tools and spent the day helping him build it. When they finished, the contractor asked if Daylon had a dog, and he answered no (i guess Pudge doesn't count since he's DarRell's dog), so he took him to go see his dog. It turned out that the contractor has a VERY disabled daughter that they got the dog for. He ended up being a bit too much for her and wasn't able to keep him. They were looking for a good family to give him to and ironically, that is when Daylon happened to go to work and build himself a doghouse for a dog he didn't have! DarRell went and picked him up Monday and brought him home (although he's the only one who doesn't want the dog). He's VERY well behaved and just too dang cute! He's going to be a great dog for Daylon (and for me, cause i've always wanted a wire-haired mutt-looking dog!).

Rianne has gone to claiming him as his own and gets really bent out of shape when Daylon has him on a leash. Although Rianne does take super good care of him while Daylon is at school. He seems to be a dog that the kids can handle which was a big plus when we were considering on getting him.

Here are a few pictures that the previous owner sent home with Daylon


Rachel said...

Scooter/Max is SO cute! I love stories like just know he was meant to belong to Daylon!

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