Saturday, August 18, 2007

i will catch up and follow along...

why? because i need the motivation. That, and it's part of my 33 things i want to do before i turn 34 pact i made for myself, thanks to Elsie. So... what am i catching up with? My Mini Art Challenge (AKA my 52 card pick-up of life! hahahaha!) that the uber talented Emily is hosting. I got a kinda late start on it but me dragging my feet has really put me behind. But i do vow to keep up and finish the past prompts.

here is week #32

the front.
journaling reads: your first decent sleep after a long nine day battle of a nasty bug... lets not do that again! Life is just not normal with you so sick

Take a deep reath and enjoy the quiet. It's been so long little man.

The back:
i've gotten my money's worth out of my alchohol inks. I love playing with them and so far have only made a huge mess out of them. But never the less, i'm having a ball with them and they've got to get used somewhere right? I'm not much of a journaler so i'm doing this only for me, but journaling reads: After a month of complete chaos, it is time to enjoy the quiet. It's been so long since i could sit back and listen to absolutely nothing. Savor every moment slipping away... it will all be gone too soon.

I know it seems like i'm such a copycat but i love her techniques. So i've also decided that i'm going to take something of hers every week and incorporate it into mine. So go ahead and call me a copycat... i don't care.

i decided to use the ghost letters on this (took that from hers this week)... it just seemed to fit perfectly.

I've done a few more but maybe in another post i'll show you them. For right now, i'm caught up with RIGHT now. For the biggest part... that is all that matters!


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