Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daylon's 9th birthday party

Daylon had a great birthday party this year. He asked for a birthday party that he could invite his best buddies to instead of his normal family birthday party. I told him he could five of his best buddies, he invided three and his dad invited one more and his baby sister. Only three of them showed up plus the baby sister. And the neighbor girl came over. It turned out wonderfully. He decided he wanted a pirate themed water party. I do have to say it turned out really good. We let the kids swim for a while to begin with so i could get home from work and join in on the party.

I made him a pirate boat birthday cake and found his old pirates of the carribean action figure and ploped it down on top. I loved how it turned out!

We had a bunch of old boxes and a few old bottles laying around so we put them all together on some old wood to look like a ship deck. We found DarRell's old fish net and hung it up on the outside of the old house. Threw down a bunch of coins and called it good. Made a GREAT backdrop!

Even sam got in on the action!

eating the yummy cake!

and he made out like a bandit on the gifts. Lots and lots of great gifts.

I'm so glad we could make it a memorable party for him this year.


slh said...

Joey, that is a great cake! I'm so glad he enjoyed his party.


Kim said...

You did a fantastic job and we would love to post your cake and instructions on our blog ( Of course giving you full credit. If you're interested e-mail us at

Toasty said...

Hi there. I know this is an old post (and that you don't know me.) But I found your cake via google images, and I thought it looked just so cool that I wanted to feature it on my Food, Drinks and Cakes blog if that was ok with you.

Let me know. Also you look like a really cool person to be watching, so I might check out some of your other blog entries xx take care!


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