Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Birthday wishes

i've been following Elsie's blog lately. Today she has a challenge up on her blog (along with a absolute fun blog party today!). It's something i should really do! I feel like my life is kinda stagnant (is that really how you spell it?), and besides trying to be a great momma to my children, i feel like i have nothing more to do in my life. So, i'm going to do this challenge. And then i'll scrap it, because honstly that is about the only thing that keeps me sane right now (expecially since i'm off work for the next two weeks). So here it is: 33 things i want to do before i turn 34 (Man! am i really that old!?)

33 Things i want to do before i turn 34:

1. learn to play chess so that i can actually sit down and play a real game of chess with Daylon (who is amazing at chess and instead of buying video games with his saved up birthday money, he bought his own pirates of the carribean chess set!)
2. Finish up my card a week challenge - i'm so far behind that i just can't stand it.
3. get my fingerprints done so i can donate some time in the kids school this year.
4. Lose at least 7lbs from the weight i'm at right now (154lbs if you must know)
5. Learn to use my camera and all the fun settings on it
6. Re-read all the Harry Potter books
7. Visit a new tourist sight close to home (there are so many here within a 2 hour drive that i'm embarrassed to say that i haven't visit any of them)
8. Finish all the challenges in Elsie's 52 scrapbook challenges book
9. Find the perfect salsa recipe and keep it in my recipe box
10. Paint my bathroom
11. finish hanging the pictures in my house
12. throw out all those clothes i just won't wear
13. get a family portrait
14. try something new on the menu at Little Wonder Cafe
15. take Sam to the zoo
16. scrapbook Daylon's beach pictures from when we visited california when he was Mike and Kristen's best man
17. go fishing with the kids
18. go do something really girly with Rianne
19. narrow down what tattoo i want to get (some kind of crawling tree frog) and where i want it
20. Hang out with Kathleen for a day while i'm up in the end of the woods
21. pay off one of my credit cards
22. send out a family picture for christmas cards this year
23. replace one bottle of soda a day with water (or crystal light)
24. go outside and play with the kids in the sandbox more often
25. scrap Sam's ultrasound pictures
26. start putting away $25 a month into a savings account for Sam like we've done for Rianne and Daylon
27. get grass in the backyard
28. have no regrets when it comes to grandpa and grandma Payne when it comes to the kids well-being (and their well-being as well)
29. find a cute funky hairstyle and get it
30. spend more one on one time with Rianne
31. plant some rasberries
32. finish my dad's navy album
33. organize my linen closet

and one to grow on: make a layout of these 33 things.

I have a whole year to go since the 23rd of July was my 33rd birthday. It wasn't much of a celebration, but not totally forgotten, and for that i guess i should be thankful.


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