Monday, August 20, 2007

Huh? is that what people think?

I was blog surfing today and came across a blog that ranted on about parents who were happy that their children were going back to school and when asked, they publicly admitted it (I actually read it over and over and over again to make sure i wasn't taking offence at the wrong thing, and then again maybe i am). Ok, so what is so horribly wrong with that? I am one, who when asked, will gladly admit that i am happy my children are going back to school. Why? Because they NEED that time they are in school, I NEED that time they are in school. My children need the interaction from other people rather than just their family. They need to be out experiencing how the world really works, that they need to accept and learn to get along with people out there who are different, and know that the world does not rotate around them. I can only teach my children so much. I know what my limits are. I know i can never teach them what they need to know to make it in this world. They need more than just my Mommy experience. My children look forward to going to school, they enjoy it and so they should. So what makes me such a terrible parent that i want my children that kind of opportunity? Do people honestly think that my children are damaged because i send them to school? Or more specifically, that my children are mentally abused because, when asked publicly, i admit that i can't wait for school to start? that my children think that i can't wait to be rid of them? How twisted is that? Should i feel offended that my children want to go to school? Ever think that they want to be rid of me? My children know respect, and they know bounderies. But... they are children and they are still learning, and i don't expect them to be "perfect", and sending them to school is just part of that learning experience. I respect those parents who choose to home-school. I have plenty of friends and family who actually do! But... I know i could never do it. I don't have the patience or the knowledge to even begain. But to flame parents who choose to send their children to school and are just as proud of it as are the parent who choose to homeschool? Give me a break! My children are fine. They are well-rounded and they are happy. I am home when they get home. I am here to help out with homework, to feed them, to put them to bed. And i am here when they wake up in the morning, to feed them breakfast. And i'm even there when I send them off to school in the mornings. Because i choose to exercise my limits and send them to school to give them what i cannot does NOT make me a bad parent. It does not diminish my parenting skills and it does not damage my child. Lighten up and consider very closely what you are saying to those parents who choose not to homeschool. We, perhaps as a whole, might be offending you, but you, as an individual may be offending us as indviduals... each and every one of us.


Lisa said...

I am happy for THEM to get back into school and their routines, but I am unhappy at the thoughts of it.

You are right though, and some people spurt out unthought out thoughts on their blogs at times.

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