Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm so happy i could just cry!

My baby sister has made me a Aunt again!

It's a Boy!!!!

His name is Zachery W. Johnson (and i already see a lot of Brandy in him!)

He's 10lbs even and 21 inches long. He had quite the time getting here from the sounds of it. He broke his collarbone on the way out and is having a tough time breathing (ever try breathing with a broken collarbone? OUCH! it's pretty tough and painful!) and he's a bit bruised. He's spending some time in NICU but I'm confident all will be fine.

I REALLY wish that we could be down there. I'm really shooting to make a trip for the blessing... that is if everything else cooperates. Looks like i've got some great shopping to do! I really can't wait to see more pictures and i'm tickled pink that she's got a little baby boy to go with her super adorable little girls. Now baby Sam isn't the only little guy in the family! There's only a year and a half between the two. Sounds like a lot now but just wait! It won't be much when they get older! And from the looks of it, Zachary will tower over Samuel in just a few months!

Can't wait to see you guys and hope to hear the girls are loving you just as much as you are! Take care of yourselves and that precious baby boy!!!


MichelleStrachan said...

He's beautiful, Jo! Congrats!!!

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