Monday, August 20, 2007

School is in!

WhoooHoooo! I know it's so bad of me to think so but this has been one LONG summer. Daylon has been bored out of his mind the minute school ended last year. There just isn't enough for him to do he says. Not enough friends, not enough video games, not enough movies, just not enough. So, it's a bit of a releif to have him back at school and as of this morning, he was quite releived also. So... off to 4th grade he goes!

He's been so moody and i just don't know how to handle that. He's been my happy kid from day one and for him to sulk around and be angry is just not like him. He was angry at his dad last night. When i questioned him why, this was his responce: "Dad always use to say yes to everything. Now all he says is no, no, no to everything... just like you!" How's that for a heartbreaker. How do you teach your kids that they just can't do everything they want. That we do have their best intrests at mind and that we really {LOVE} them? Geez... i'm feeling a bit like my parents did i guess.

Rianne is a bit bummed that she isn't going to school today. She doesn't start kindergarten till next monday. I guess they are having Kgarten testing all week long, hers is Thursday. She has afternoon classes so it'll be great that Daylon can walk her home from school. That'll leave, hopefully, a quite afternoon for me since that is also the same time that Sam takes his naps. I just might get a few hours of quiet scraptime to myself! And..... if our schedules work out right, i just might be able to do some cyber-scrapping with Lori....... Maybe.

Speaking of scrapping, here is a layout i finished up last night. I guess i've been a bit sentimental about the kids going back to school after all. Look how cute Daylon was! This was his first day of Pre-school back in 2002. I feel a urge to scrapbook this years pictures right now. I'm actually in such a scrapping mood right now that i just can't contain myself! I got so much i want to do and so much i want to play with that i just can't make up my mind on where to start! Crazy but true. Got a few projects in the works and waiting for my DT goodies from The School of Scrap to arrive so i can really get to some serious scrapping.


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