Friday, August 31, 2007

Soccer Season!!!!! Daylon's first two games...

We put both Daylon and Rianne in soccer this year. I really don't know why we waited this long to get Daylon in, but this is the first year that Rianne could play. Both kids ABSOLUTELY love soccer! And for either one of them to have NEVER played soccer, i don't think they are too bad at it (although Rianne is a natural at it!)The kids play twice a week on tuesday and thursday. It makes for VERY long nights but totally worth it. I've forgotten how much i love soccer

I didn't get many pictures of daylon that weren't so incredibly blurry. He plays on a full size field and his last two games were later in the evening so the lighting was terrible. Here are few of the ones that did kinda turn out though. He's the #6 in blue (or red, in the first game pictures)..... don't get confused with the little girl or the other boy in blue who is also #6!


And as usual, he's the one always messing around on the field. Here is his first game where the coach is after him for all the talking... you can barely see his face on the other side of the #6 kid telling coach that if he'd put him more in the game he wouldn't talk so much!

*SIGH* i guess he takes after his grandfather a bit more than i thought he did!


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