Friday, August 31, 2007

Soccer Season!!!!! Rianne's first two games... well kinda

Rianne has had to soccer games already too... well sort of. She had a absolute meltdown before her first game and so we ended up missing her first game. I'm really hoping we dont' have to do that again. It's amazing to watch Rianne. She's a absolute natural at this. She just jumped in there and looked like she has played for a couple of years.
There are only 3 girls on the whole team so when they see eachother, they are jsut besides themselves!

Funny thing happened at Rianne's game yesterday when she was put in as the goalie. She got her hair band stuck in the net. They called a time out and it took 5 minutes to get her untangeled.... i guess we know better next time what not to put in her hair.

and just a few more of my tiny soccer star... too funny that she looks all clothes and no body in her soccer uniform!


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