Wednesday, November 28, 2007

and when we thought we were out of the woods...

why is it that when you finally start to breath and think that you are out of the woods, it hits... and hard.

Most of us had made it through the Thanksgiving yuckies that were running wild down here. It had been over a week and nobody had gotten sick (with the exception of Daylon, which we really don't think was the stomach bug after all, and Sam's and my congestion crap). Then yesterday afternoon it hit us. Sam is SO sick. The poor little man can't keep anything down. I've had the washer going non-stop since 1:00pm yesterday afternoon. I get one load of puked on clothes and towels washed, and it's time for the next round. Good news though. He made it through the night without throwing up once. It's offically been 9 hours since my last load of laundry. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug and hopefully the rest of us don't get it. Nothing worse that spending the hours puking and just feeling miserably sick to your stomach.

Rianne has been coughing like mad. We've decided it's croup. We've spent the last few nights out on the front porch bench breathing in the cold air. It does wonders while we are out there but the minute she gets back in where it's warm and she starts hacking up a lung again. She spent the day home from school yesterday. She's been coughing so hard that she starts to vomit. Not fun. We've tried the old trick of slathering vapor rub on the soles of her feet. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well with croup. Although, if you catch it just right, get the coughing to calm down and slather her feet it works for a few hours. It's a science i tell you, You've got to catch it all at the right moment or that window slams shut.

Wish us all luck that we all don't get this crap. It seems like we've had our share already, but every time i say that, i end up eating my words.

~work day!!! a day out of the house. a day away from the loads of laundry, dirty dishes, and clingy sick children (whom i love dearly, but it'll be nice to be able to go the bathroom alone)
~the wonderful feeling knowing that I've got 90% of my Christmas shopping done!!! If anyone has any ideas on stocking stuffers for my clan, pass them on. I'm at such a loss
~the Christmas lights slowly filling up the house. I love the house in the evening when there are no lights on but Christmas lights. It's just so magical.


Unknown said...

I was GIDDY when I saw your new blog entry BUT DANG GIRL!!!!!! the sickies are thick around ya'll :( sorry to here! have a GREAT DAY @ WORK :D

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