Tuesday, November 27, 2007

new specs

I've had them now for over a week. Love them. Amazing that i never really realized that i needed glasses... headaches are gone for the most part.

Of course now, i need an updated picture. I went from my dirty blond hair to dark brown. I'm still trying to decided whether i like it or not. I'm not too worried though. I seriously need a hair cut and for some odd reason, my hair doesn't take color well, so the color will be mostly gone in a few months anyways.


slh said...

Love that picture of you Joey and the glasses look great. The kiddos school pictures are fantastic as well. I am really happy with how my boys' school pictures came out too...I will have to scan them and post them on the board. Check in there when you have a chance.

Kim said...

super cute! you never look the same in 2 pictures in a row!! I wish I was as brave!!

Anonymous said...

you look great!! love the glasses and the hair color and the style, the bangs look really good..... you don't look your age!!!!
hope all is well love and miss you!!! Brandy

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