Monday, November 12, 2007

haircuts, producttivity and new specs

i took Rianne to get her hair cut Friday. It's become a huge thing that Rianne HAS to get her hair cut just like Ali's. She has even made it more of a point now that Ali and her family will be moving away by the end of the year. She's needed a hair cut for quite some time now. Friday i happened to have a afternoon of having to run errands so i thought we'd stop in and get a little trim. Rianne told the lady she wanted it like Ali's. After explaining that Ali has {short} hair and that we are NOT going there, we compromised with a happy medium which ended up with me getting the better end of the deal. We clipped off all her dead ends and then framed her bangs up around her face. As you can tell, there wasn't much chopped off, much to DarRell's relief, and we both ended up happy.

This weekend proved to very productive. DarRell got all the gas lines hooked up and the 2nd water heater hooked up and working. Now we have hot water for everyone, even when company is over and everyone wants to take a shower at the same time, with a load of dishes going and a load of laundry too. We have the kids set up downstairs sharing a room temporally until we start sheet rocking. Last night was the first night we had a somewhat decent night sleep. The kids weren't woken up with Sam's crying and screaming all night long. I actually slept in the same bed as DarRell, in i don't know how long! And Sam, well he was up twice last night but we made he cry it out after not wanting to go down after the 2:00 wake-up (after getting him a drink and making sure he was covered and had his binkies... you know, the whole routine). I can honestly say that this just might work, that is if we can keep the disruptions to a minimum and keep him on a somewhat normal schedule. This coming week(end) will prove to be a stumbling block as we will have company again for another week. We were hoping to get the rest of the basement insulated but we never did get around to that. Instead we got a light switch set up in the kids room so that they have light. Perhaps by the weekend we will have the insulation up. Next step... sheet rock. WHOOOHOOOOO!

I got a bit of scrapping done this weekend too. I really missed being able to scrap when i wanted, and was so good to finally get back to it. I finished 5 layouts! whoohoooo! I just need to finish up the journaling on the one, so that one isn't here (and it's 2nd page because it's no fair to post one half without the other one done ;-)

I have another one in the works now. I hope to have it done by the end of the day.

I had my annual eye doctor appointment this morning. By Friday i should be sporting a new set of specs. Apparently my close up vision isn't the best and with all the time i spend reading and working on the computer, it's giving me headaches and totally wiping me out. I never put any thought to the fact that i had a harder time focusing on things towards the end of the day and that i just may have a problem with my eyes. My doc says that life will be so much better with these glasses. I actually can't wait to get them back. I looked through about 30 different pairs and almost went with something fun and funky (blingy heavy-framed leopard print ones!), but ended up going with something a little more conservative. I guess the more cautious part of me won over.


kim said...

WOW LOOK @ YOU GO!!!!!!!!!! lovin' those pages & house productivity to boot?! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

You are really cranking out the LOs! And Rianne is just her new "do"!

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