Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So fitting for today

Because, after all, it is auction day. And he IS hilarious!

~the quiet around me while the kids are in bed "starting the day over". Wishing i was there doing the same thing but thankful that i'm able to do a bit while they are not underfoot
~today is auction day. A day full of conversation with grown adults (although at times they act like children! LOL). Here's hoping that it'll be enought to last me another whole week.
~my extra long hot shower last night. I actually got bored,got out and still hot water. This double water heater thing just may work out. Now to get the jets in our jetted tub cleaned out and we'll actually have enough hot water to fill it and relax.


Kim said...

AHHHHHH that's how we felt when we installed the new water heater also MMMMMM LOVE HOT WATER OOOOOOO the jets sound nice!! good luck w/that!

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