Sunday, November 25, 2007


Weird to say that it's over. Oddly enough, it wasn't as stressful as i had first imagined it would be. I might even be able to pull myself together and say that i actually enjoyed it. I could say that i wished i had gone out and played more (our holidays were filled with flag football, basketball, volleyball and theater movies) while everyone was down, but i took advantage of the quiet and took some much needed down time for myself.

Company started showing up on the Friday before Thanksgiving, with a few yuckies in tow (stomach bug and a nasty feverish cold like bug. Even now it's hitting us person by person). By Thanksgiving day, all but one of DarRell's brothers and sisters were in the general area, although we were lucky enough to get Micky and Derick in place of Lyla and Land (we missed you tons though!). At the last moment, Thanksgiving plans changed. Instead of having dinner at DarRell's parents house, it was moved to our house. Not so bad. I had most of the house picked up already from people staying at our house. We had to find a few more chairs and tables and we were pretty much ready to go. Of all of DarRell's 8 siblings, their families and his parents, we ended up with a total of 22 people here for dinner. DarRell's 4 older siblings had families of their own down so they all had their own individual dinners. It was nice, really nice. I actually enjoyed having everyone around. I'd almost go to say that it'd be fun to host it again in 2009 (next year we hit my side of the family).

I wish i had gotten more pictures but sadly, most of my pictures were taken by Daylon so most were blurry. What weren't blurry were either with heads are cut off, super close ups, or someone with a mouthful. So needless to say i won't be sharing those wonderful pictures. This is a GREAT one that did turn out though!

Yesterday afternoon the rest of the family headed off back to California. We were so sad to see them leave. We don't get to see much of the family that are moved away so having them around is quite the treat. And, i'm tickled pink to have someone Sam's age that he can hang out with.

I'm not sure where Kristin was for the picture but she was around somewhere!

So, now that we have a empty quiet house again, i guess we will be spending our time getting over the sickies that came with the rush. I think we are on the mend (knock on wood), but only time will tell. Till then, we are just going to veg out.

~thankful for family... and for those who weren't there
~the WONDERFUL pot rack that DarRell agreed to buy... LOVE IT!
~the warm beautiful fall day today


Kim said...

OOOOOOOOOO pot rack?! oh yea great family stuff! blah blah ;) j/k show me the pot rack!!! please *giggle* I am soooooo sick I am much more enthused for home furnishings LOL

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