Thursday, November 8, 2007

October's productivity

or should i say lack of?

I didn't get much done last month scrappy wise.

I got a woppin' two layouts done. That's it. Can you believe it? Where did the month run to?

I do have to say that they were both really good ones... or at least i think so.

A lot was going on last month.

FIL has been super sick and spent much of the last month in and out of the hospital. DarRell has been working his tail off trying to shoulder the load since his dad is completely unable to work now. That has meant early mornings and late nights. We haven't seen much of him lately. All of that, i guess, contributed to my lack of productivity.

That, and in October I tend to become a hunter's widow, although this year he didn't get much time in hunting (you know, that work thing always gets in the way). A few days here and day or two there. Mostly just the weekends. Such a change since life seems to be put on hold during hunting season in the past.

I also did get my scrappy room finished. Having my scrappy stuff piled high in all corners of the house trying to finish my room also didn't help out with productivity.

Anyways. Enjoy the only two layouts i finished last month. Good news though... I've already completed more this month than i did last month!

~seeing DarRell and the kids show up at my work yesterday. Loving that the kids hated to have to leave and hearing Rianne cry "I don't want to go" over the auctioneer babble.
~three big hugs from the kids when i walked through the door at nearly 8:00pm last night when i got home from work. Even a big goobery kiss from Sam... Love it!
~Seeing long subraction finially click in Daylon's head. It's been such a long frustraiting road when it comes to math with him. One more hurdle passed and behind us. Now we can focus on the next one.


Rachel said...

Your LO's are gorgeous Jolynn! And I totally understand about life getting in the way. I've only done 2 LO's in two months now! Hope things calm down for you soon. :)

Kim said...

LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!! Your room is my dream... so glad to see you bloggin' again!!! :) sweet 3BT!

Melanie Harris said...

Sorry to hear your FIL has been sick again Jo, Im wishing him a speedy recovery.

Your layouts are stunning, I love the title on the second one.

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