Thursday, November 15, 2007

I finished two of my three layouts i have set out for Halloween this year. The three of them should finish up Halloween for this year! Wow! I'm so excited be be mostly up to date on layouts this year. I have a few pictures so far in 2007 that i have yet to scrap but I'd say that I've done 80% of them! YAY for me! I've been doing my DT stuff for TSoS. Here are a couple that i've finished:

Happy Halloween 2007:
I've been into using up my stash i have sitting around lately. I've been grabbing the stuff that is closest to me and just somehow incorporating it into my work. So far it's been working great! It so happens that most of what i had laying around at this time was DT stuff. I used my Tie One OnTie One On ribbons here from the October kit. LOVED the last few kits. What am i saying? I love them all actually... well, except for the purples. NOT a fan of purple. I had some backing left from some Magic Mesh i had used on a older layout so i grabbed that and inked over it and got that cool dotti background over my journaling. Found some OLD alpha stickers that i thought would look great with this, and the did! I haven't pulled out those stickers in so long. Time to keep them out for a while so i use them up. Not much to brag about on this layout except that i used a ton of pictures. And i used products that i normally wouldn't use except that they were in a kit i got in September and i thought i should probably use them (the daisy D's Halloween stickers).

Halloween 2007:
I used some PP i got in a kit in September. I LOVE this paper. It's got flocked spiderwebs all over it over print (i think it's from the Ichabod crane and the headless horseman story). I couldn't bear to use up all the paper so i cut it up so i had some for later to use on something! LOL
Slowly using up all my Heidi Swapp chipboard letters. I really don't want to but nothing seems complete without them. I think i need to stock up on them again. Threw on a sampling of ribbon i have sitting in my window seal. Found some awesome orange fibers in my ribbon jar. I haven't used fibers in, well, forever! Used some of my DT goodies, the Magic Mesh! LOVE that stuff! Definitely something i love having in my stash at all times. And lately my layouts haven't been complete if i haven't gotten some kind of sewing on them. This one is no exception! And the distressing has been a big thing in my scrapping style lately. Inking on everything, sandpaper, tearing..... ya, all that. Seems like it's on everything i do. It fits so well with the Halloween theme though.

what's up for today?
definatly cleaning some more. Catch up on backed up laundry. Vacuuming. Making a decent meal for dinner tonight. Cleaning up my scraproom so that it stays somewhat clean and not overwhelmingly messy. Clean and put away more stuff from the basement. Pack up the van with DI donations. Clean the laundry room so that i can see the floor. Clean up my room/closet/washroom.

~ a $1 raise AND a bonus. I love work. I love the people i work for. They are genuine people and i Love them so much. I'd take this "shit-y" job (yes, it is shit-y. For those who don't know, i work at a livestock auction. That should say it all) over any other job any day and it's all thanks to the great people i work for/with.
~ Sam's big big big smile so early in the morning. Even after T*E*R*R*I*B*L*E nights, he's a ray of sunshine in the morning

~ Kim's blog post this moring. So incredibly uplifting. It's no wonder i stalk her! LOL


Kim said...

OH JO STOP IT!!!!!!! I am blushing (& telling everyone I know hahaha)

OOOOOOO GIRL. i AM SOOOOOO LIFTING THOSE!! working on a lift of you from memory right now of all photos no paper on the page. its killing me :)

great lil list ya got there for yourself for today. KICK IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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