Sunday, November 25, 2007

school pictures and Christmas tree hunting

School pictures are in!!!

Amazingly enough, all three of them turned out wonderfully!!! All three were smiling. No screaming and crying, no goofy smiles, and no crooked glasses. I can't ask for better! WHEW! Now lets just hope for the same for next year!

We went Christmas tree hunting yesterday afternoon. It was such GREAT weather. Warm (almost too warm), no wind, sunny... just beautiful. It seemed kinda weird though. It was September weather in the end of November. It just seems like there NEEDS to be snow on the ground and be all cold for us to go tree hunting. It almost seems so wrong for it to be so warm. Almost.

We found a cute little tree (OK - so it was really tall, we ended up cutting off a couple of feet to make it fit in the tallest part of our vaulted ceiling) in a grove of quake trees.

This is the first year we went for a different type of tree. This year we got a balsam fir rather than a Pinyin pine. I think i really like it... even better than our traditional Pinyin (shhh... don't tell DarRell that, i had said something earlier about screwing up our tradition). I miss the distinct smell of the Pinyin but love the tall sturdy, and skinnier balsam. I think i could get used to it. The kids had a ball looking for one. Just about every tree we passed Rianne would shout out "STOP!!! I found the perfect tree". She was the one that ended up finding the "perfect tree" and thank goodness! I was starting to wonder if we'd find anything we'd like before the day was over.

It's not decorated yet. We've decided that we need to get a few more matching light sets to cover the whole tree. So it looks like tom arrow after i drop Rianne off to school (that is if she makes it due to her hacky cough... why is it always worse at night?) I'll be off shopping for new Christmas lights!

I just can't wait to get all the Christmas stuff up. There is nothing like sitting in a dark room with a big cup of hot chocolate looking up at a big beautiful lit Christmas tree!

~being up in the mountains again and seeing how much the kids love being there
~a big beautiful tree sitting in our living room waiting to be decorated
~Sam LOVING the lights. So much even that he sits and jabbers away at us. I like to think he's saying how much he loves the lights!


Kim said...

GREAT PHOTOS ALL AROUND!! LOVE the pick of DarRell carrying it!
fabulous story for the scrapping page!!

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