Wednesday, January 9, 2008

... and still going strong

It's day nine and i'm still going strong. I actually didn't think i'd make it today. I didn't get to even make it to my scraproom until late tonight, just after 8:00. I've been going over layout ideas in my head over and over again all day long. When i finially got some time, it came together soooo much better than i thought it would. I love it when that happens. I wish that happened more often. I'm really hoping this LOAD will help me loosen up and just let things flow.

Besides that, i love doing these quick ones because i love going through all my old pictures. It seems that all my new pictures i've already got ideas for and i just need some time to get them done. But for my old pictures, it's all a blank canvas. I just look through them and pull out a few pictures here and there and fit them where i can. Thank goodness for home printers, otherwise i'd never get anything done having to wait for my pictures to be developed and then changing my mind on sizes all the time.

On other news. We hooked up a new webcam. I've never really wanted one. Really had nobody to talk to "face to face" to really want one anyways. DarRell's sister sent one to his parents quite some time ago, but it got put away. After talking to her and seeing them on their webcam, we decided to go find it and hook it up. The kids don't understand that we can't just talk to anyone on it though. They thought it'd be great to talk to Ali on it tonight but trying to get them to understand that they probably don't have a webcam just wasn't happening. So instead we played with a cool feature that came with the software to it. The Photobooth!!! It kept the kids happy. Even for Sam, who happened to be even more unusually upset tonight (sure hope he's not coming down with some yucky something). As i sit here typing, he's in his crib having a rough night. Seems like Wednesdays are always rough. Lots of rushing around and what little routine we have is just blown out of the water. The kids take it rough not having DarRell around when they go to bed and there just doesn't seem to be that winding down peroid that we all need. I get home from work, and DarRell leaves for work. He comes home later than usual, with just enough time to say hi and then he's off to firemeeting. The kids and i have a late dinner (a rushed one at that). Things are so stressful by then that by 8:00 i'm sending kids off to get ready for bed. If its a good night, then i get a few hours of scrapping to myself. If it's a bad night, then i curse under my breath and wish that DarRell were home with the kids instead of playing poker with the guys after firemeeting. Tonight, it's a combination of both. Sam is sleeping restlessly, crying in his sleep, tossing and turning and just plain making me nervous (i'm paranoid about nighttime sickies and i just have this feeling like it's going to hit soon). Rianne keeps "hearing things" and needs company (and Daylon doesn't cut it). And Daylon, he just wants to sleep but Rianne keeps talking. But, i did get in a few scrappy hours, and busted out a layout in a about 2 hours, which for me, is excellenct. Watched the end of a movie i started earlier and got a chance to blog and all just in time for DarRell to get home. And thank goodness. Having him home makes me feel better when Sam is restless like this. I may not sleep better but at least i know that with DarRell here, i can handle things a bit better.


Kim said...

GREAT PAGES!!!!!!! love them both! I really need to find a good photo printer! the photobooth looks fun! tfs
hope the night worked out better than you expected!!!

Robs said...

I MISS YOU!!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for linking me back here to see these wonderful pates you've been creating! They are awesome and the kids are SO BIG - RIanne is GORGEOUS!! Can you believe our girls are SIX!!! Officially linking your fabulous blog to our site!

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