Thursday, January 24, 2008

lots and lots of scrappy stuff to share!

where to start?
Well, i have kept up on my LOAD. That is until Rianne got sick Tuesday (and as i write this she is still a lump on the couch). So, i'm one day behind but really i'm not behind at all because i've done quite a few double page layouts. I've actually done 26 layouts (minus todays)! So technically i'm a few days ahead of myself. Here are most of them. Some of them i'm holding on to ;-)

Day 14: You've captured my Heart
I can't show you this one... Sorry

Day 15: Cavity Free
Sorry... can't show you this one either (it's not spectactular but it's my backup)

Day 16: dane the night away

Day 17: Grandpa's little hunting buddy

Day 18: make a wish

Day 19 & 20: It was this BIG!

Day 21: Rockstar haircut

Day 22: Rianne was sick so i didn't get it finished :-(

Day 23: Samuel Ridge
Can't show you this one either

other news? Well... i got this little fun thing!
it was a really nice anniversary gift, and just about any other holiday gift i could think of for some time. I've been playing with it and figuring it out. It's lots of fun!!!! I REALLY can't wait till i get my other blade to it! Then i'll be able to cut thicker stuff like foam and chipboard! YAYAYAY!

i made this the other day with it:

Another little thing i've been working on is this:

My own little home-made clip it up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've had so much stuff hidden away for so long that i've fogotten what i have. This gets it up out of the drawers and baskets and puts it where i see it. I've already been using stuff that i didn't even know i had!

I still need to get more clips for it, cause, suprisingly enough, i have more than what's on there!


Lori said...

love the fun new layouts!

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