Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It was a good scrappy month last month. I could have done much better but it wasn't all bad. I got a total of 30 layouts/cards done. 15 cards, 7 layouts, and 4 pages (front and back) to my design mini album book. Not too shabby. I really hope to do a little better this month... more of that to come in a bit.

As for this month, i've decide to do this ---> Big Picture Scrapbooking's LOAD. I'm super excited to give it a try. It's free, which is good. I think this will be good motivation to keep me going, although i don't think i'll keep it posted in their gallery, although the chance to win goodies almost makes me want to. I've already done my first page!
One day down, 30 more to go!

Another thing i'm going to keep up on is One Word for 2008. I'm following along with Ali Edward's blog and thought this was a very inspiring thing to do every year. I've already picked out my word. After pondering over it for quite some time i came up with "Manage". I have a lot of managing to do in my life... a LOT. What perfect timing huh? So, i guess in a way this is my new resolution for 2008... to manage aspects in my life. Parts that impact me, my family and those around me. It's a bit of a lofty goal but even the smallest bit of success at this is a step forward.

My scrappy goal this year is to do a "12 for 12" album. 12 pictures a month for 12 months. By the end i should have a great recap of 2008 in a managable album. I just gotta go find a album to work with. It should be fun!


Rachel said...

Absolutely LOVE your 12 for 12 idea! I might just have to do that one myself. :)

Kim said...

lots OF doable goals!! love them.. fab inspiration for me!! that first LO is great!! didn't realize it for the LOAD but I did finish mine yesterday too!

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