Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LOAD: day 3-7

I've been good... very good. That is about doing a Lay Out A Day (LOAD). So far good, i am on track and haven't missed a day! So here they are:

Day 3: Turning 6

I ended up adding a ribbon and a ribbon slide to the bottom of the picture. But, i'm just to lazy to rescan it (cause i hate scanning one page 4 times and then stiching it all together). Maybe one day when i'm bored i'll update it.

Day 4: Decorate

Day 5: You 3

Day 6, which ended up being a 2-pager!!! : Family is Everything side 1

and side 2

Day 7: Wrapped up...

I can't say i love them all but i do love that they are all done! And i can say that i have got almost all of 2007 pictures done. I do need to do a few here and a few there but this is the closest i've gotten to completing a whole year of pictures!!! And that is just the best feeling ever!


Kim said...

YAY JO!!!!!!! *I* can say I love them all!!! :) tfs & inspiring!!

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