Saturday, January 12, 2008

it's officially over, going crazy, and its just one of those days

Christmas. It's officially over. I know, it's actually been over for a few weeks now. But, all the Christmas decorations are finally down and all the boxes and bins are finally out of the house and put back into storage. It's amazing at how empty the house feels now that all the Christmas is down and out. It's almost kinda lonely now.

The kids are finally back in school, but just when we were finally getting back into a schedule again, the kids have a 4 day school week. DarRell is working weekends and late evenings and I'm going crazy without some "me" time. I've really got to find some friends that i can just go and hang out with (sorry Kim and Lori... you guys are just too far away!). How can someone honestly spend 24/7 at home and NOT go crazy. Apparently I'm just being selfish because every time i mention it, i get the "i wish i could stay home all day long and play with the kids". Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my children. But sometimes i need to talk to someone who doesn't pick their nose, or throw a tantrum because their sock isn't on right, or complain that their food is too hot, too cold, too squishy, looks weird AND is on the wrong plate. I would LOVE to go to work and feel like what I've done during the day was productive. Here, i don't feel so productive. The house is a complete mess and that's only because once I've cleaned it up, i have someone right behind me tearing everything out.

*SIGH* yes, today is one of those days. I can't seem to get up enough energy to care. Today is one of those days where that if the kids were able to take care of themselves, i'd lock myself in my room and disappear for the day. Bedtime just can't get here soon enough.


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