Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 29 & 30 and my poor sick little man

well, it's day 30. I've done a layout for every day of the month. I know what you are saying. But Jo, there is still one more day left of January. Yes, i know. But, i've counted up my tally for the month, and i'm over. My layout count is 32 as of yesterday. I didn't do a layout today though, I did a bunch of cards instead. Tomarrow, i'm not going to guarantee anything getting done. I'm not going to push it, i'm proud of what i've done.

I think i'll be spending the day cuddling with Sam. He still is quite sick. His pukies have stopped but the poor little guy is hacking up a lung. His fever is all over the place. The other two kids seems to be doing well. Rianne still has a bit of a hacky cough but it seems very much under control and only flares up when she's running around. Daylon doesn't have even a sniffle. I hope it stays that way. DarRell, well, he's coming down with something. We don't know if he's getting the flu as of yet but i'm really hoping not. I'm doing well though. Not even the slighted bit of a sniffle so far.

Signing off now. I'm going to go releive DarRell of Sam so he can get cleaned up and get some rest (he's been taking Sam when he gets home from work at night and keeping him during the nights. I've been taking the other two kids. Keeping them busy, and doing all the things we ususally tag team together, while DarRell tries to get as much sleep as he can while sam is resting . Then i releive him when he goes to work in the morning and the whole thing starts all over again when he gets back home again), and i'm going to spend my time cuddling and snuggling my sick little baby. Lets just hope and pray that this turns for the better over the weekend. Otherwise, we will be paying a visit to the ER during the weekend (if worse comes to worse) or a bright and early visit to the docs office Monday morning waiting for a opening.


Kim said...

wow sorry to hear he's still so sick!! :( hoping for a weekend recovery! LOVE PUCKER UP!! so soft & sweet-quite un-jo ;)

thanks for joining me over @ Oasis!

Robs said...

UGH - sorry sam is so sick!! Hoping he gets better!!

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