Monday, January 14, 2008


I've been keeping up. Although i have changed my rules just a tad. I've figured that if i get two layouts done in a weekend then I'm still keeping up on my end of the LOAD. That means that if i start a two page layout on Saturday and then finish it on Sunday, I'm still good. Weekends are just so hard. The kids are home. DarRell more times than not, is working. And without those few hours during the day when Sam is sleeping and the kids are at school, i just can't always get a layout done in a day. I usually only get a few minutes here and a few minutes there to throw together a layout and to me, that just doesn't cut it. I can't feel good about what i do if i don't like what i do. This last weekend was the worst. I did finish my layouts but it took me two days (Saturday and Sunday) to do a simple two page layout. But i am proud to say that i haven't missed a day (unless you count the change to my rules for this last weekend).

Here they are:

Day 10: Just Brothers

Day 11: Egg Dying
(i haven't put the date on this one yet because I'm not sure when it was. I'm thinking it was 2003? but i really gotta make sure)

Day 12&13: December 25
i absolutely LOVE that I'm almost done with this years Christmas pictures!!!!!! YAY ME!


Kim said...

the details on the easter LO are great!! teh wire egg holder, the part of the carton, the eggs behind the 'dye' letters look REAL!

so cool..

that christmas layout is so great-little bit of insite w/o giving it all away! U GO having your christmas photos almost done! my idol-you are!!

Robs said...

You are rocking all of these layouts!!!!

darl_jo said...

hahaha - wish i could say that i did all the embellishments on the easter LO. Unfortunatley, it's completely stickers! Every little bit.

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