Thursday, January 24, 2008

birthdays and the sickies have hit... HARD!

DarRell turned the big 38. WOW huh? hard to believe we are that old... that's he's that old. Saturday we just got together with the 5 of us. Small and sweet. DarRell opened his presents in the morning. Got a few little goodies. A pair of work pants. A shirt that my brother designed. A dutch oven and cookbook. And a set of pocket/hunting knives from my parents. Made out pretty good i think.
Then we hit Wingers for lunch. It was nice. Rianne let them know that it was his birthday so he got serenaded and a free asphalt pie! It's become our "tradition" to go to Wingers on our birthdays and have asphalt/concrete pie. It's where the kids always want to go so it's just kinda stuck.
We opted out of a "family" birthday because everyone has been so sick lately, we didn't want to bring it in and get us all sick. So for whoever showed up to wish him a Happy Birthday, we served them rootbeer/crush floats. I think only his mom showed up. He got a few phone calls from his brothers/sisters and a few cards too.

And us trying to be so cautious about bringing sickies into the house did us no good. Rianne came down with some massive sickie thing. We took her in to see the doc on Tuesday after a long night of fevers (103.7 was the high... and so far we haven't gotten it below 101) and coughing, stuffy/runny nose and just plain feeling yucky. Turns out she's borderline phenomena (her lower right lobe to her lung isn't working but there is no fluid there... yet) with a double ear infection and a red sore throat. They put her on a heavy antiboidic to ward off the phenomonia and the rest of the yucky crap going on in her body. She's still feeling quite cruddy and looks like she won't even get back for even one day at school this week. She was supposed to be cheering at the basketball game tomarrow for mini cheerleading but that looks totally out of the question too. Can't you just say VERY unhappy little girl? Lets just hope it doesn't hit the rest of us.


Kim said...

awe poor girl!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of you!!!

Lori said...

love your hair in that pic...such a good pic of u..

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