Monday, January 28, 2008

update on the little one and one more LOAD

I almost didn't think I'd get this one done for today. But it came together quite fast which is so very unusual for me.

I'm proud to say that i have hit my 31 layouts for the month. So, if by chance, I'm the next one to kill over sick, I can honestly say that i did 31 layouts for the month of January. It may have not been a layout a day in January, but it was a layout for every day of January. Which in my book, is just as good.

A quick update on Sam. He's got some nasty virus going around. I assume that it's some nasty stomach bug on top of the flu. Poor little man can't even keep water down and he's just so plain miserable. He's still running a low grade fever that goes up and down (oddly enough, the fever goes down right after he throws up... strange but true). He's so lethargic and just not himself. The doc gave him some suppositories to help with the nausea and vomiting but they don't seem to work for long. He can have them every 12 hours but they only seem to work for about 5 hours. We've exhausted all our knowledge on what to do (and everyone elses), so now all we can do is just love him and hold him like there is no tomarrow.

I'm really hoping that this whole sickie thing blows over fast. I'm sick of everyone being sick. Let's just pray that Day doesn't get it now (and that Rye doesn't get the pukies, cause i believe she had the flu with the borderline phenomena and double ear infection she had last week). I'm not so scared of DarRell or I getting it but i'd rather we not.


Kim said...

LOVE THAT PAGE!!!!! nice for a quickie!! I agree-31 pages IN January is right up there!!! thinking I may shoot for 29 IN February-lots less pressure when we exchange the IN in place of the DAY OF :)

Kim said...

oOOPS-FORGOT TO TYPE that I hope Sammy gets better FAST! poor kiddo :(

Heather said...

Jo, love the page! Hope your little guy gets better soon.

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