Monday, January 28, 2008

one down... another one sick

We've finially got Rianne well enough to go back to school today. Her fever finially broke Saterday. Boy was that a doozy of a week! But of course we all know that if you have one sick, there is bound to be more. Sam has had a slight cough for a few days and then started fevering up yesterday. It's pretty low grade though, 99 - 100 degrees. Highest is/was about 101.4. Nothing like Rianne's. Although, he has the pukies on top of the fever and cough. This morning he started vomiting up a little blood. Can you say, SCARED MOMMY??? DarRell has him off to the doc's office right now. I'm thinking it's just the trama of puking that is bringing up the blood and nothing else... at least i'm hoping and praying that is it.

Yup, still going strong on it! I even caught up for that one day that Rianne was sick and i didn't get it done!!! YAYAY ME!

Day 25: Exhausting

Day 26: too busy cleaning up my scraproom. I planned a few layouts but never actually finished one.

Day 27: I got three of them done!!! I'm completely caught up now!!!

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The Good Stuff:

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