Monday, September 17, 2007

the wonderful stories Rianne tells me when I'm doing her hair in the mornings. Today it was about moving to Salt Lake with Ali. When i asked her why she didn't want to live here with us she said that it was because we were going to be grandparents. I told her that she or her brothers had to have kids before we were grandparents. Then she told me she knew who she was going to marry. She told me Cooper (all the kids love Cooper, even the boys). Cause he's SO cute and he told her that he was going to marry her so she was going to marry him. But she wasn't going to have kids because she didn't want to yell at them ("it's not very nice to yell at your kids, so I'm not going to have any"). That part totally broke my heart because i do tend to raise my voice a bit too much. Leave it to the innocent children to put your life back into perspective.

Dancing to Sam's mobile music with him. Just dancing around the room and not caring how silly i look.

The weather in the evenings when it's too cool for a short sleeved shirt but too warm for a sweater. Hoodie weather for sure, i love it.


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