Wednesday, September 19, 2007


*Kim, this is for you (wink)
i found this sight while surfing: Three Beautiful Things. I was thinking to myself that i really needed to find something every day to be thankful for, beyond the obvious. I was just going to scrap it with a deck of cards (or two or three or...) but i decided that i'm not able to get to my scrapping stuff everyday but i am at the computer every day. I'm sure i won't keep up everyday but when i remember, it will be a great thing to do for myself.
Sam's kisses. Even though they are goobery, very wet, and almost gaggy gross kisses, they are his kisses (and i could REALLY do without the tongue involved. Nothing more scarey than a baby coming straight at your face with his tongue hanging out for a kiss). He kisses me more than any of the other kids did when they were this young.

i love this. I know it doesn't say much about me but thats what i'm screaming out when i can't say in words.

work wednesdays. I Love my Wednesdays. I Love my work. I Love the people i work with and ALL the people i work for. If it weren't for Wednesdays, i would be committed...... most definately.


Anonymous said...

WOW JO!!!!!!!!! VERY COOL... do you mind if I do 3BT also? I think we could all use a daily reminder to be appreciative :)

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