Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yup... this is my life now.

Looking back in the rear-view mirror this is what my life looks like. Not too shabby. I've got the best looking kids around, nobody can tell me different. I wouldn't change a thing about it all. Who cares that i'm usually exhasperated with them for not listening, for teasing, for them just being kids. They are totally worth it. And i just LOVE this picture. It may be the only i have of the three of them together, even if it means having to tie them all down to get it!

(ok - so we do have some REALLY good portraits of the kids taken a while back. It was torture then too but DANG they turned out good! Take a look at them here: Real life... captured. Click on the thumbnails to see them bigger)


Anonymous said...

fab photo girl!!! can't wait to see it scrapped!!! :)

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