Wednesday, September 26, 2007

knowing that it's cold enough in the mornings to turn on the furnace. The smell (burned dust perhaps?) of using the furnace for the first time after a long summer just screams out fall... i absolutely love it.

The full moon..... and watching it come up over the mountains. I tried and tried to get a good picture of it and it just didn't work out no matter how hard i tried. It was such a beautiful sight... i just wish i could have shared it with everyone!

strength and passion and standing up for what's right. Seeing DarRell finally take action instead of backing away from confurtation (sp?). I knew it was in there somewhere in him. Makes me fall in love with him all over again.


Anonymous said...

JO!!!! I am so glad to see someone else appreciates that smell!! :) LOVE it! YAY DarRell!!!!!!!

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