Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daylon's leaf collection. It has made DarRell so incredibly happy to be back doing a bit of botany. He's missed it so much more than he thought it would. If it weren't for him bringing in our income, I'd suggest he do it for a living. He's so much happier doing something he loves than something that... well, he doesn't love as much.

The smell of clean. I only got around to getting the armour cleaned off in our room, but it feels so much better. And the smell of almond wood cleanser/conditioner... ahhhhhhh... it sure does beat the smell of dust. Well... i guess most anything smells better than dust.

watching Rianne's hair in the wind as she runs. I love hearing all the comments about how long and beautiful her hair is. I can only live vicariously through her cause heaven knows that hair like hers will never sport my head. Somewhere in the mix of me and DarRell, there seems to be some great hair genes in there... so glad it was our daughter who got them!


photographer said...

i love the idea of 3 beautiful things! it is a great idea! i may have to copy you, just because!

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