Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Last Kiss * Although most people who know me would be absolutely shocked (and maybe appalled?) that i loved this movie. It totally diverts from my outward appearances/beliefs that i watched this movie... and heaven forbid it, actually love this movie. You know, the try to do right Mormon girl who's only lived in Utah her whole life (BTW - i really hate being classified as that. Anyone outside of Utah finds out I'm a "Utah Mormon" and automatically I'm one of those polygamist sister wives that have 27 children. COME ON! Really! All i am is a girl who really only wants to find herself. I just so happened to grow up with a LDS mother with LDS beleifs and a father who said never to bring it home. Granted, i didn't grow up in a typical Mormon home, but the basic values were there and that was how i was raised). But you know what, i totally get it. I totally got that movie. I completely felt it. I loved it so much. OK - i could have really done without the girl on girl action in the beginning though (do guys really like that? BARF!). It's got a GREAT moral to the story (minus the girl-on-girl) and in so many ways i can relate to it. Who wants a life where there are no more surprises? In all reality, that in itself is pretty scary.

Stars * i gazed out my door last night at about 2:30am after getting up with Sam. I was in complete awe over how beautiful it was out there. Not a cloud in the sky and all i could see was the bright stars. I could get lost in a night like that. Too bad i was completely wiped out, physically and emotionally, to stay up and take it all in.

Sam Smiles * his smile truely lights up a room. Even in the darkest, saddest times you can't help but to smile back at him. And even better, he smiles ALL the time.


Anonymous said...

off to netflix to bump that one to the top for me :) thanks for the review!!!

Lisa said...

oh I can't wait to see this now!

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